Client Testimonials

"Being a single father of a teenage girl can be more than a challenge. I went to Kelly looking for help with more than one issue that I could not handle on my own. The personal touch and caring from her services totally exceeded my expectations. She made me aware of many issues that I was totally oblivious to. I have learned a lot and my daughter has also, with her help my relationship with my daughter is better than I could imagine."

"I was at a really low place when I met Kelly. I didn't know what to expect from therapy. I didn't know if I would trust anyone, but my co-worker raved about her and really pushed me to call. I am so glad I did. Kelly has a way of knowing just what to say. She really gets me. Thank you, Kelly!"

"I was in an abusive relationship for a lot of years. Nobody close to me really listened. They bossed me around like my husband did and told me to leave him. I was surprised when Kelly listened to me without telling me what to do. She asked me what my concerns were and didn't judge me when I said I wasn't ready to leave my husband. Instead, she helped me make a safety plan for myself. I am away from him now but without working on my confidence and finding out who I am as an individual, leaving earlier wouldn't have the same results. Feeling respected by Kelly was so important and I don't know if she knows how much that meant to me at that time."